About Me

Mei Li

Mei Li is an esteemed blogger and expert in the field of electric vehicle (EV) charging. Born in Shanghai, China, Mei’s interest in sustainable transportation solutions drove her to earn a degree in Electrical Engineering from Fudan University.

 After graduation, Mei delved into the burgeoning EV charging industry, focusing on the technologies and innovations that make it possible to power our vehicles more sustainably. Recognizing the need for accessible, comprehensive information on this rapidly evolving subject, she created her blog, “Mei’s EV Charging Chronicles”.

 “Mei’s EV Charging Chronicles” quickly became a trusted resource for those seeking in-depth insights into EV charging infrastructure, industry advancements, and practical guidance for using and installing EV chargers. Mei’s ability to simplify complex technical concepts has earned her a diverse readership, from EV charging novices to seasoned professionals in the field.

 Beyond her blog, Mei regularly participates in EV charging forums and webinars, sharing her expertise and advocating for the broader adoption of EV charging technologies. She also collaborates with various EV charging companies and research institutions, lending her insights to help shape the future of the EV charging industry.

 In her leisure time, Mei enjoys hiking and practicing calligraphy, activities that reflect her commitment to a balanced, eco-friendly lifestyle. Mei Li is more than just a blogger; she is a passionate advocate for EV charging, dedicated to enhancing public awareness and understanding of EV charging solutions through her informative and engaging blog posts.


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